Empowering Individuals


We want to help elevate
self-driven economically challenged families into financial literacy, independence,
and prosperity.


Our Mission is to empower individuals to navigate and narrate their own story of success through connections.


Our aim is to achieve
long-term successes for struggling families
in Tennessee.

Our story

Tennessee Resilience Project (TRP) is a grace given and grace driven non-profit offering asset and education building opportunities for economically challenged families. Through asset and education opportunities the TRP hopes to help elevate our families’ circumstances. Long-term success is our aim and access to a solid social knowledge base is our starting point. 


  • Strengthen secure support for struggling families in Tennessee
  • Inform and advocate for housing issues, stay focused on housing issues for Tennesseans and address lawmakers
  • Coordinate the implementation of data-driven and evidence-based housing and homeless prevention strategies


  • Obtain multiple funding streams
  • Expand and establish a presence in Williamson and other counties
  • Invest in the growth of The Resilience Project staff and participants
  • Assist Williamson County government and all municipal governments within Williamson County in changing the narrative of low-income needs


Tennessee Resilience Project (TRP) is a non-profit that seeks to build the assets and education opportunities for economically challenged people. The soul mission of the TRP will be to ensure that the programs and opportunities offered will help build the long-term success of participating families. The TRP and a small group of partner agencies within Williamson County want to continue to address the homeless problem consistently. TRP seeks to combine education, housing support, family coaching, financial counseling, and employment navigation to help families reach their self-identified goals. Through trauma informed practices the TRP will assist our families with gaining something meaningful for themselves. Stability in struggling American families will produce future dividends that we can no longer afford to ignore.

Building Assets

Building assets is essential for low-income working families. The programs that TRP will offer will educate and establish self-sufficiency standards. The Executive Director has decades of knowledge working with families experiencing poverty and other adverse social realities. This organization will use that knowledge to administer prevention, diversion and rapid-rehousing strategies in building social capital, for re-establishing and maintaining stability. For example; case managers walking participating families through asset building strategies for real life scenarios. Understanding credit, the importance of banking, and rental and ownership counseling are examples.


The specialty of the TN Resilience Project board is built around education and finance. Board members are comprised of educators and financial brokers who understand the fundamental basis of this work. The Executive Director will ensure that staff has extensive experience in the needs of the demographic we will serve to operate at a high level. It is critical that staff be trained to understand poverty, racial equity, and generational strategic targeting (2 generation approach). Through already established partnerships The Resilience Project will continue building a curriculum that can be eventually replicated. The Executive Director is committed to these areas as well as all other activities laid out in the business plan.